The Project


Welcome to Cyclictone, a collaborative online magazine that matches visual artists with writers.

The magazine encourages contributors to pool their talents and explore deep and unexpected links between their works.

We might match an artist with a poet, an illustrator with a story-writer, or a photographer with a blogger. If you are looking for a way of collaborating with other talented people who work with different media, you have come to the right place.

How does it work?

Each issue we give you two ideas to get the ball rolling. One is the name of a colour tone to set the mood, and the second is a theme. For example, our pilot issue is called Unfathomable Black, and the theme is Alter Ego. Together, these ideas give you a brief to work from.

A writer might send us a text inspired by the brief. If we like it, we send it to a visual artist who gives the work a visual expression. The work might in turn inspire the same author, or a different one, to develop the theme further. And so on. This is the creative cycle we aim to promote.

Sometimes the words might come first, sometimes an image, or simply an idea. It’s all about dialogue, and giving people a platform to display and develop their work. The most fruitful collaborative works will be published together in the digital issue along with other people’s work on the same theme.

Even if you don’t want to write or illustrate yourself, you can still be part of the creative process by reading, viewing, and commenting on other people’s posts. It all helps.

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