A Lonely Space


Alone inside her mind and body, a vacant being left behind, imprinted on a wall do you see a crime. Future, past and present intertwine, voices her head feels, loneliness forever draws a line.

Like a scene from a crime, she dances like a flame, silence so like a dream. Not a word, nor a sound, a lack of colour can be found.

Who is this girl, so full of life and purpose? Entranced by loss, longing for someone, something and time without meaning, where has the vacant body gone?

She wears black, in mourning for a soul, long disappeared, friend or foe, so it seems it takes its toll. A white space within, it looks like she tries to fit, no room for her however she might.

Her body blurs with her desires, like an angel. Blessed be those who move like her; so beautiful are these images my heart happily purrs.



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