Happy Accidents

(Image by Chris Piazza)

Some of the best discoveries happened by accident. Sometimes it’s penicillin, sometimes it’s champagne, in many cases it’s interesting enough to be valued.

“By accident” is probably the way camera tossing came into the world, before being developped as a photography technique. Basically anyone can do camera tossing, as long as one’s not too sensitive about potentially breaking a camera (and if you are, you can also ask a friend to take pictures with his own material, while, for example, ice skating; you might lose a friend, but you could get a nice kinetic picture).


Quickly regarded as an original, funny and playful way of taking pictures, it became a full part of the photographic art, with its techniques, its stars, and its inspired and innovative artists.














By the Fireplace, by AushadhiX



Light painting comes from the same initial idea. It’s all about motion, and light (this is where you, dear reader, might want to say: “Really ? So, light painting is about light ? No. Way.” But you’re too kind to do this).
Popularized by the avant-garde artist Man Ray, played with by Pablo Picasso, the technique was bound to become widely used and shown.



















(“Picasso draws a centaur in the air”, by Gjon Mili ~ 1949)



Such a powerful trigger for imagination couldn’t stay confined to a 2-D environment for long. That’s when video came along, and then live performances:

Rippled, by Oh Yeah Wow


While the city lights are often used to create the painting, the dark and quiet nature can bring a whole new dimension to it:

Forest, by Lichtfaktor


Watch out when you go out for a walk, you may come across an unexpected, and enlightning, experience…

As above, so below, by Light Harvest Studio


So let’s grab a camera and start having some fun with all the lights surrounding us. Including ours.





(Featured image by Krassy Can Do It)

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